Why Event Advertising Makes Me Cringe

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Event advertising makes me cringeWhenever I receive a question about event advertising, I cringe.  Because while advertising is certainly a piece of the event marketing puzzle, if you just focus on advertising, your event is in trouble.

Advertising is only one part of your promotional plan, and your promotional plan is only one part of your marketing plan. Here is how they relate to each other and why you have to have the whole kit and caboodle if you want to sell out your workshop and seminars.


According to dictionary.com the definition of advertising is

“The act or practice of calling public attention to one’s product, service, need, etc., especially by paid announcements in newspapers and magazines, over radio or television, on billboards, etc.”

In this day and age, you can also advertise on new media, including pay per click ads on Google, banner ads, Facebook ads and the like.  However, the key words in this sentence are “paid announcements”.

If you are just relying on advertising, your event is doomed to fail.  Advertising generally drives cold traffic to your event and by its very nature, that is an announcement, can’t necessarily sell your event. It only sells the next step.


Advertising is a part of promotion, which is what raises the visibility of your event.  When you are promoting your event, you are letting people know about your event.  Advertising is a portion of that, but you should also use other promotional vehicles.

Good promotional vehicles are anything that gets the word out.  Social media is always a favorite, as are email and even direct mail. Public relations to secure media coverage also has a place in your promotional plan, as are speaking engagements.

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Event Advertising| Event Promotion| Event MarketingMarketing your event refers to the whole strategy for getting butts in the seats of your event. Marketing is much broader than promotion, because it includes defining your audience, your message and all the lead time that you need to create your materials.  And those materials include your registration page, if you are doing direct mail, it means the development of your direct mail piece the printing and the mail drop.

It is the entire package that gets the butts in the seats of your events.  Neither advertising nor promotion matter one iota if you don’t have the other pieces in place. You can spend thousands of dollars on pay per click advertising, but if you do not have a message that will convert your visitors into attendees, you will end up with an empty room.

That is why the Butts in the Seats Revolution is a comprehensive program that includes ALL the elements that you need to fill your workshops and seminars.  It doesn’t just give you some promotional strategies and sends you off to figure out the rest for yourself.  It gives you step by step instructions for all facets of marketing your event, beginning to end.

If you are tired of your advertising not bringing you the results you want in registrations for your event, it is time to expand your repertoir and get a complete marketing plan.  Click here and order your Butts In Seats Revolution today.



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Daphne Bousquet, CMP

Daphne Bousquet, CMP

For more strategies to make your workshops and seminars more profitable, you’ll want to pick up a copy of the free report "Three Simple Secrets To Making 10K In A Day With Small Workshops." Daphne Bousquet uses her 20+ years of event industry experience to create profitable event strategies and marketing for coaches, entrepreneurs, speakers and self employed professionals that want to grow their businesses with workshops and seminars. She is the creator of the Butts In Seats Virtual Boot Camp, a unique digital course that teaches you how to fill your events with your ideal audience.
Daphne Bousquet, CMP
Daphne Bousquet, CMP
Daphne Bousquet, CMP


  1. Are you talking about me?? That is a great diagram to illustrate how ads, promo, and marketing work together and overlap. Marketing is the all encompassing subject. It includes also the distribution o your product or service as well, such as book, audio,webinar, video or live workshop. The real challenge to me is creating all the ads, promo and services to distribute my knowledge in a way that gets the best results for my public and yields maximum profit. And that is why I am a student of Marketing and I have learned some key tools from you as a teacher that me me much more confident in my journey. Thank You Daphne!

    • Daphne Bousquet, CMP says:

      Ha Jeff! No, I wasn’t talking about you. 🙂

      As I recall, you didn’t ask about advertising in our Butts in Seats Group Action Coaching Call. I enjoyed our conversation about strategy sessions and direct mail. I am glad I was able to help and I thank you for your kind words!

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