Turn Your Seminar Content Into Success Stories

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turn seminar content into success storiesYou have an awesome event planned.  You have so much seminar content to share. You are planning on teaching your attendees just about everything you know.  They are going to learn so much, they can’t help but be successful after attending your event.  You see it now; the success stories, the testimonials…

As seminar hosts, we want to deliver value and we pride ourselves on overdelivering. That is great, but it doesn’t set your attendees up for success.

When your attendees’ heads are full of ideas and they want to do everything at once, their enthusiasm turns into overwhelm very quickly.  Unfortunately, overwhelm turns into inaction, and that does NOT turn into success stories.

Here are some tips to help your attendees turn your seminar content into success stories:

Keep a Narrow Focus on Your Seminar Content

If you have a lot of content, break it up into separate events.  Go an inch wide and a mile deep.  This way your attendees will actually get closer to mastering the material.  Trying to teach too much is counterproductive.  Your audience will not remember as much of your information and will not be as successful.

Make Your Seminar Experiential

Rather than just teaching, include exercises and time to process your material. Research has shown that when your attendees complete exercises or have a chance to talk in small groups about the material, they will retain your information longer.

List Ahas

After every session or module, have your attendees list their top 3 ahas or action items.  Provide them with a separate, colorful aha worksheet.  This will make it easier for your audience to come home and know what to implement right away.

Quickstart Guide

Give your audience a quick start guide to take home.  Rather than making their way through a big binder or a pad full of notes, give them a road map of what to do in the first week. This cuts down on the overwhelm and gives your attendees a clear plan of what to do first.

When you eliminate the event-induced overwhelm, your attendees are more apt to implement your seminar content.  And we all know that your audience is only as successful as the ideas that they take action on.  Ideas without action are meaninglessTurn your attendees into success stories by eliminating overwhelm and provide them with a clear action plan.

If you are looking for your own road map to workshop and seminar success, sign up for a Winning Workshop Road Map session.

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Daphne Bousquet, CMP

Daphne Bousquet, CMP

For more strategies to make your workshops and seminars more profitable, you’ll want to pick up a copy of the free report "Three Simple Secrets To Making 10K In A Day With Small Workshops." Daphne Bousquet uses her 20+ years of event industry experience to create profitable event strategies and marketing for coaches, entrepreneurs, speakers and self employed professionals that want to grow their businesses with workshops and seminars. She is the creator of the Butts In Seats Virtual Boot Camp, a unique digital course that teaches you how to fill your events with your ideal audience.
Daphne Bousquet, CMP
Daphne Bousquet, CMP
Daphne Bousquet, CMP


  1. Hajra says:

    Hey Daphne,

    I love the point about making seminars experiential. I have attended many seminars where there was absolutely no exercises and interaction was minimal. Needless to say, people really didn’t enjoy it; or even feel they learnt from it. Once you involve each and everyone, things have a better flow and people tend to reach out and listen more attentively.

    Participation is important!
    Hajra recently posted..Will they call you over for a bloggers party?

    • Daphne Bousquet, CMP says:

      Participation certainly is important! Not just for everyone’s enjoyment, your audience learns better as well. And isn’t that what it is all about?

      Thanks for stopping by, Hajra!

  2. Good tips and advice Daphne, especially to narrow the focus. And I really enjoy your tip about offering exercises your audience can participate in. I know I have always been able to better absorb information, especially when the seminar or presentation provides so much information to digest.

    It seems that because there is so much information swirling around tese days, while it is very helpful for our business, it makes good sense to keep it in bite size junks to reduce the overwhelm.
    Lynn Brown recently posted..Your Online Business Success – Is It Time To Throw It All In?

    • Daphne Bousquet, CMP says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Lynn.

      It seems that because there is so much information swirling around these days, while it is very helpful for our business, it makes good sense to keep it in bite size junks to reduce the overwhelm.

      Great point. Bite size chunks not only reduce overwhelm, but it also helps us master the material. What we master we implement, and that ultimately makes us more successful. I have learned so many things that unfortunately I haven’t had the time to implement. And the longer you don’t implement, the less likely it is you ever will. And isn’t that sad?

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