The Millionaire Messenger – A Book Review

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In The Millionaire Messenger, Brendon Burchard asserts that everyone has a story and can be an expert.  It is a bold claim, but it confirms something that I have thought many times.  In fact, during my International Women’s Day events, I was struck by the stories the speakers told.  They were so diverse, and each one had had an experience and a story that was of benefit to someone else.  And we all have gone through experiences that makes us an expert on a particular topic. That is what this book is about.

And if you read this blog, I KNOW you are an expert in something, because you are interested in doing workshops and seminars, and sharing your message that way.

Not only does Brendon gives the audience the confidence that they too, can be an expert, but he also lays out 10 simple (not easy!) steps to make it happen.  From continuously studying your topic, to all the elements you need to successfully share your story, Brendon creates a blueprint that will help untold people get their message out into the world.  Along the way he has Expert Signposts that will help you develop your own personal expert blueprint.

I particularly enjoyed his Messenger Manifesto chapter on the expert industry reset.  His views of how to make over workshops and seminars is one that really resonated with me, not in the least because it is my own field of expertise. Brendon tells it like is and how the expert industry can improve itself to become more service oriented and more respected.  One way of course is to start new experts of on the right foot and with the right mindset.  This book goes a long way to do just that.

WARNING: If you get this book, make sure you do not read it right before bed. Your head will be spinning with so many ideas that sleeping will not be easy!

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Daphne Bousquet, CMP

Daphne Bousquet, CMP

For more strategies to make your workshops and seminars more profitable, you’ll want to pick up a copy of the free report "Three Simple Secrets To Making 10K In A Day With Small Workshops." Daphne Bousquet uses her 20+ years of event industry experience to create profitable event strategies and marketing for coaches, entrepreneurs, speakers and self employed professionals that want to grow their businesses with workshops and seminars. She is the creator of the Butts In Seats Virtual Boot Camp, a unique digital course that teaches you how to fill your events with your ideal audience.
Daphne Bousquet, CMP
Daphne Bousquet, CMP
Daphne Bousquet, CMP


  1. Chris says:

    Love this review Daphne! Having read an earlier book by Brendon, “Life’s Golden Ticket” I know the power of his writing. And based on your review it sounds like the book does not disappoint! Thank you for sharing your “expert” perspective! 😉
    Chris recently posted..The courage to create anew

    • Daphne Bousquet, CMP says:

      You’ll enjoy reading it, Chris. You, as America’s Think Bigger Coach, can also pick up some big ideas there. I haven’t read “Life’s Golden Ticket”, but I hope to soon. Brendon writes just like he talks in his videos, which is an easy, conversational style that really resonates with me. Let me know what you think when you read it!

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