3 Ways To Market an Event


There are many ways to market an event.  However, when it comes to multi-day seminars, you cannot use the same methods that you would use to promote a local workshop. For people to invest several hundreds or even thousands of dollars in an event, they have to be confident that you are the real deal.  […]

1 Marketing Calendar Must Have

marketing calendar

Putting together a marketing calendar is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for the new year. With less than two months till 2016, this is something you need to be working on right now. As you are putting together your goals and your marketing calendar for 2016, make sure you […]

5 Keys To Great Workshop Content

You don't have to be funny for your workshop to be fun

Have you ever been in a class or at a seminar where you almost fell asleep, because it was so boring? I almost did in a class once. It was a marketing research class and although the topic is not the most exciting, my professor made it exceptionally boring. After that class I changed my […]

Your Workshop’s Ripple Effect – Make a Splash With Your Event

Live Your Legacy Summit

This week I was a speaker at the Aurea McGarry’s Live Your Legacy Summit and it was great to see so many inspiring women who are using their skills and lives for a greater purpose. And if you host workshops, that is exactly what you do, too. Although workshops and seminars are definitely great marketing […]

Claim Your Independence With Events – #EventStrategy

claim your independence video

Are you still trading time for dollars?  Did you buy yourself a job instead of the freedom that your own business is supposed to bring you? With July 4th tomorrow, it is time to claim your independence from chasing the next client and freedom from the stress that causes you. You can do it, if […]

Go Getters, Take Some Time To…

strategic planning

With 2014 looming only a few weeks away, you may be coasting to the holidays, wrapping up your year and planning your parties.  Maybe, but I don’t think so. You are a go getter, so you are more likely to be working your butt off these last few weeks, hustling to make this year your […]

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