Life Altering Experience

Daphne at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics

Everyone has life changing moments and events. Something happens or you experience something and nothing is ever the same. Thirty years ago, I experienced several life altering events. So much so that my life is divided in two. Before August 1984 and after 1984. Olympic Games The first one is the Olympic Games in Los […]

If She Can Do It…


In my previous life as an Olympic diver, or actually even before, as I was training to become an Olympic diver in the Netherlands, there was always one girl I was competing with.  We were the same age and sometimes she would win, and other times I would. By the time we were 14 years […]

Gold Medal Secret: Performing Under Pressure

Marketing Champion MaryAnn D'Ambrosio

If you think that the best athlete always wins at the Olympics, you would be wrong.  It isn’t even the athlete who trains the hardest or the one with the most talent.  The athlete that wins Olympic Gold is that rare breed, who not only has the talent, trained hard to hone that talent, but […]

Behind the Scenes at the Parade of Nations

Behind the Scenes of the Parade of Nations

Millions of people will be glued to their television when the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games begin.  The pageantry, the show, the Parade of Nations and the lighting of the cauldron entertain and move us. From experience, I can tell you that it is a thrill to walk into a stadium filled with 100,000 […]

Shhhh, Gold Medal Secrets Up For Grabs

Although the world’s best athletes are gathering in London to compete for gold, you don’t have to put in years of training.  You can get your own gold medal… secrets, that is. When I was diving and competing in the Olympics, I was always surrounded with champions.  These champions and gold medal winners always lifted […]

Olympic Flame, Oath and Rings: Building Traditions Into Your Event

Olympic rings

The Olympic Games is full of tradition and symbolism. Tradition, symbolism and rituals turn an audience into a tribe. Like a secret handshake, they connect participants more deeply by creating a bond between them. Although the Olympics are the champions in this aspect, you can build traditions into your event and create this bond with […]