What Workshop Program Do You Need Most?

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If you are on this site, chances are that you are interested in growing your business with workshops and seminars.  You know that hosting a workshop leverages your time, so that you can help more people. You love the boost in visibility that it gives and the credibility that it brings with it. Of course, […]

3 Ways to Leverage Yourself Using Workshops

Leverage is a big buzz word these days. Everywhere you go these days: on the internet, on teleseminars, coaching calls and seminars, everyone is talking about leverage. Leveraging time, leveraging money, leveraging people. And they talk about it with good reason. I have to admit: leverage is one of my favorite words. But what is […]

What Should You Sell At Your Workshop?

As a host of your own workshop, and you provide valuable content in the front of the room, you guide your audience to wanting more of you. They will need to get the solution to the problem that you have addressed. You need to give your audience the opportunity to work with you further, get […]