Promotion: The Key To Your Seminar Marketing Strategy?

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promote your seminarThe last 2 articles, 7 Ways to Market Your Event Online and 5 Ways to Market Your Event Offline showed you how to promote your workshop or seminar.  That is what many think amounts to marketing their event.  If you are struggling to fill your event, chances are it is not because of lack of promotions.  To be sure, promoting your workshops and seminars is a crucial element of your seminar marketing strategy. However, it can never stand on its own.

Getting butts in the seats relies on much more than just promotion.  For instance, one of my clients came to me after he had spent thousands of dollars on Pay Per Click advertising.  Yet no one had signed up for his event.  Obviously, the problem was not in the promotion part.  He had the promotion part well under control.  The problem came in the other sections of his marketing.

I have seen beautiful flyers that completely miss their mark, because they try to sell the attendee on the event.  That is not the purpose of a flyer, since you don’t have enough space to give your attendees the information they need to make a decision.  The purpose of a flyer is to arouse the curiosity of your attendee and drive them to your information or registration page.  That is where you can give the information to sell them on your event.

Components such as audience, message and the solution that your event brings are usually overlooked and glossed over in favor of the what, who, where and when of the event.  Sure, your audience wants to know the date, time and location of your seminar, but not until AFTER they have decided that they want to attend your event.

They are the other keys to filling your workshop and seminars and that is what today’s free webinar will be all about.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The 3 M’s that result in sold out workshops and seminars
  • What it is that makes your audience want to pull out their wallet and buy a ticket to your event?
  • The most cost effective way to market your workshops and seminars
  • Why you can’t market your weekend seminar the same as your morning workshop. If you do, your empty room will leave you frustrated and discouraged.
  • The biggest mistake that prevents your audience from registering for your workshops


Keys to filling your workshops and seminarsRegister now for the 5 Essential Keys to Filling Your Workshops and Seminars and find out once and for all what you need to do to get the butts in the seats.  Get all the details at

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Daphne Bousquet, CMP

Daphne Bousquet, CMP

For more strategies to make your workshops and seminars more profitable, you’ll want to pick up a copy of the free report "Three Simple Secrets To Making 10K In A Day With Small Workshops." Daphne Bousquet uses her 20+ years of event industry experience to create profitable event strategies and marketing for coaches, entrepreneurs, speakers and self employed professionals that want to grow their businesses with workshops and seminars. She is the creator of the Butts In Seats Virtual Boot Camp, a unique digital course that teaches you how to fill your events with your ideal audience.
Daphne Bousquet, CMP
Daphne Bousquet, CMP
Daphne Bousquet, CMP


  1. Hooray for you and these great pointers, Daphne!

    SO happy to see you clearly define the “purpose” of event “flyers”. I’ve seen flyers that are so polluted with information, it makes me dizzy just to look at the blinking things … let alone read them.

    I love that you included this:
    “Components such as audience, message and the solution that your event brings are usually overlooked and glossed over in favor of the what, who, where and when of the event.”

    Without a clear message, an appropriate audience, and a call to action …
    Chances are great attendance at your events will be marginal, at best.

    Wonderful post!
    Melanie Kissell @SoloMompreneur recently posted..Getting Back On My Blogging Feet Again

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