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Are you ready to start hosting your own wildly profitable workshops and seminars, but still need some help?  Grab one of these self study programs to work on your event at your own pace or work with Daphne one on one to create your marketing plan to ensure butts in the seats and your monetization plan to make your event hugely profitable.

No matter where you are in your business, you can host a workshop and there is a product or package that can help you make it more successful than you thought possible.  Starting at only $97 for Winning Workshop Success for introductory workshops that build your audience all the way through to a VIP Day Experience, get the support you need to fill the seats of your workshops and turn those attendees into (high paying) clients.

If you know you want to host your own client attracting, money making workshops and seminars, get the help you need to make it happen.


Winning Workshop Success

winning workshop successIf your goal is to build your audience, generate leads and turn them into clients, you want to host introductory workshops.

Introductory Workshops are, as the name implies, a way to introduce yourself and your services to a new audience. Then you can turn that new audience into clients on the spot and generate an instant 10K payday for yourself.  But without a good plan you are likely to end up barely breaking even or a few hundred dollars at the most.

With the Winning Workshop Success blueprint, you can avoid all those mistakes, because it gives you a step by step plan for structuring your introductory workshops, filling the seats and turning your attendees into clients.

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Butts In Seats Virtual Boot Camp 2.0

Butts In Seats VIrtual Boot CampFilling your workshops is not only the most difficult portion of hosting workshops and seminars, but also the most important.  Let’s face it; if you don’t have attendees, it is pretty hard to hold a workshop and even harder to make money with it. The Butts In Seat Virtual Boot Camp 2.0 is an in-depth, self paced, 5 module webinar based course, during which you will create your marketing message, your registration page and a marketing plan that attract your audience to your event and converts them into attendees.

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One on One Packages

Rapid Workshop Results Rescue Session

Rapid Workshop Results Rescue SessionAre you about to make crucial mistakes with your workshop that will leave thousands of dollars on the table?  If you are like most workshop hosts, you definitely are!  Between the marketing of your event, upfront pricing strategies, and other ways to monetize your workshop, there are many details that stand between an event that breaks even or loses money and a lucrative workshop.  Even the structure of your offer, when you present it and how you present it can mean the difference between no sales and many sales.

The Rapid Workshop Results Rescue Session is a 3-hour intensive strategy session that will save you from the mistakes you are making right now and give you a solid foundation to make your workshop profitable not only this time, but next time and the time after that.

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Private VIP Event Strategy Mapping Day

who is the vip in your businessSo you are planning you first (or next) event and you want to make sure that it is all that it can be.  Immensely profitable, life changing for your audience and for you as well.

Before you host your event or even start marketing it, you need a comprehensive event strategy. A solid and comprehensive event strategy is the difference between an event that barely breaks even and an event that is not only profitable but lucrative.

During your Private VIP Event Strategy Mapping Day, we co-create your event outline, marketing plan and monetization strategies.  I will show you exactly where to find your attendees and how to best monetize your event.

You will come a way with your Personalized Workshop Monetization Map as well as your own marketing plan that includes specific action steps to implement right away and your personalized marketing timeline, taking the guess work out of your marketing.

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