Event Strategy

Every successful event starts off with a vision of the outcome, an objective to meet and a strategy to get there.  Without these 3 things, events are left to flounder and never become as big or as profitable as possible. After all, how do you know if an event is successful if you haven’t defined what success means to you?

Let’s face it: workshops are one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. But it is not easy to put on a successful workshop without a plan and some professional guidance.

Give me 90 minutes of your time
and you will have a road map
to your own Winning Workshop
that is easy to implement.

During our Winning Workshop Road Map session I will answer all your questions regarding your event. Here is a sample of items we can address:

  • Set your objective
  • Put all the elements of a Winning Workshop in place
  • Create a plan to monetize your workshop, including revenue streams you probably haven’t thought off.
  • Determine what your offers will be
  • Know what expenses you should plan for
  • Determine who your ideal audience is
  • Select what type of venue would work best for you and your ideal audience
  • Create the format of your workshop
  • Create a plan to get butts in the seats of your workshop

Not only that, following the session you will receive

  • A Winning Workshop Road Map document, detailing a plan of action to get you to your Winning Workshop destination
  • A Done-For-You Event Specification Sheet that you can use immediately to get proposals from event venues and event planners
  • A Done-For-You Budget that will keep you on track with your revenue streams and expenses AND the bottom line you can expect

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