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Did you know that workshops are the best way to build your audience, engage with them and add more high paying clients?

Yet workshops and seminars are an often overlooked, yet powerful tool for your marketing arsenal.  You can grow your audience, increase your visibility and create a big payday with your own live event.

Good things happen when you host workshops.  Not only for you, but also for your audience.  After all, you are a life improving or business improving entrepreneur.

But sometimes it is hard to know where to start…

That is why I have some free resources for you.  There are reports for you to download and I do regular webinars as well.  All of them include great event strategies, marketing tips and will get you started with your own workshop.

3 Simple Secrets to Making
10K in a Day With Small Workshops

10KinadayreportIf you are like most workshop leaders that have tried their own workshops, frankly you aren’t getting even close to getting 10K in a day.  You may blame it on that you aren’t getting enough people to your events.

You may think that you need new marketing strategies, like social media, or that you need more time to promote your events.  And that may be part of the reason you are not making that kind of money.  It is true that the more people you have attending your event, the more your income potential increases.

However, it is more likely that you are not making the income you deserve for all your hard work because you are missing a crucial piece in your event strategy.

In this free report you will learn the basic event strategies that will allow you to make 10K or even more at your small workshops.

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5 Essential Keys To Filling Your
Workshops And Seminars

Butts In Seats
Are getting butts in the seats a struggle for you?  You are not alone.  Filling your workshops has been notoriously difficult because you are asking your attendees for more than just money.  You are asking for their time…

You are asking them to choose your workshop over what they COULD be doing with their time.

You have to convince them that it is worth it for them to get in their car, brave the traffic and drive across town to attend your event.

And that takes more than just promotion.  You need all 5 of the essential keys to filling up your workshops and seminars.

Join me for my next webinar and find out what they are and how they will help you get those butts in the seats.

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