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Are you struggling to fill your workshops and seminars?  If so, you are not alone.

fill the seats | Event MarketingEvent marketing and getting butts in the seats is notoriously a challenge for every workshop and seminar host.

Why is it so hard?

Just your basic marketing is not enough to do the trick, because you are asking a lot more from your audience than just buying something.

In addition to asking them to buy a ticket, you are asking them to incur travel expenses and most of all, take time away from their business and their family.  And these days, people value their time even more than money.

You better make it crystal clear to them why they should invest their time and money to come see you.

Event Advertising| Event Promotion| Event MarketingAnd that means more than just promoting your event or event advertising.

You have to have a clear message, targeted at just the right people and have the perfect (persuasive) vehicle to convert those people into attendees.  You also have to add value to get your potential attendees to know, like and trust you.  Then, and only then can you work on creating visibility for your events.

Usually, when people ask me how to promote a workshop, what they REALLY want to know is how they get butts in the seats.

The want to know the key to filling their workshops and seminars…

There are actually 5 essential keys to filling your workshops and seminars and I explain them in my next webinar.

To give you a quick overview, they are:

  • VIPS -How to fill up your workshops and seminars with your ideal clients. And your ideal clients are those people who resonate with your message, will have the best results with your training and become your success stories.
  • VISION – How to communicate your vision, so that your workshop becomes a “Can’t Miss Event” and what words to use to sell your workshops authentically and effortlessly.
  • VEHICLE – How to craft a registration page that turns visitors into attendees.  If you don’t do this part right, you won’t have any attendees.
  • VALUE – Adding value is part of your strategic plan for selling out your event in advance. And that has a lot to do with how much people know, like and trust you.  If they don’t do that, they will not come spend their valuable time with you.
  • VISIBILITY – How to boost your event’s visibility and multiply your audience. After all, your potential attendees actually have to hear about your workshop or seminar before they can register.
  • VELOCITY – Pull it all together at the speed of implementation – the secret sauce to filling your events. You will create your 50 or 100 touch plan (depending on the type of event) and add each touch to your event marketing calendar, so you know exactly what to do and when to do it.


Butts In Seats RevolutionThis is the core of my proprietary Butts In Seats System.  I teach it with my one on one clients and in the Butts In Seats Revolution.

The Butts in Seats Revolution is an in-depth, self paced, 6 module webinar based course, during which you will create your marketing message, your registration page and a marketing plan that attract your audience to your event and converts them into attendees.

If you are a self starter, check out the Butts In Seats Revolution.

Top Notch!

Daphne, your course is top notch. I have bought TONS of marketing programs over the years and I have been very impressed with the way you have put the information together and the depth of the information. Great job and thank you so much!

Lisa Decker
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

If you want more personal guidance with your event marketing, apply for an Event Strategy Breakthrough Session.  Together, we can determine what the best event marketing solution is for your workshop or seminar.


“I am a confirmed fan”

Seymour Englander“I wish I had known Daphne Bousquet before I sank almost $10,000 into my first event. Now I have the tools and the knowledge to get the butts in the seats and my next workshop actually made a profit! I am a confirmed fan.”

Seymour Englander

Event marketing is all about getting butts in the seats.  Start filling your workshops today!  Get the Butts In Seats Revolution for a self paced program, or get the personalized help you need by setting up your Event Strategy Breakthough Session.