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Lucrative Event Secrets Revealed:
Share Your Message, Impact More People And
Make More Money In A Single Weekend
Than Most People Do In A Single Year

meet-daphneFrom: Daphne Bousquet

Thursday, 8:00 am

Dear Expert, Coach and Entrepreneur,

Do you wish you could share your message, live from the stage with a wider audience?

An audience that is there just to see you, to learn from you and have you make a huge impact in their lives and businesses?

Not only are workshops and seminars the best way to truly serve your tribe and create powerful transformations, but they are also the quickest way to a 6-figure payday.

I am sure you have heard the stories of coaches and experts who had “break out years” and took “quantum leaps”.

They all did it by hosting their own live event.

Some made 6 figures, a few even earned millions of dollars with their own seminars.

Suzanne Evans, Lisa Sasevich, Brendon Burchard and Adam Urbanski all have created million dollar businesses and by sharing their expertise at their own seminars.

Here is what one of these experts had to say:

“Save Thousands Of Dollars In Mistakes”

Adam Urbanski | The Millionaire Marketing Mentor“Hosting educational events is an excellent differentiation strategy more service professionals should use. But few people know how to do this right. Daphne Bousquet impressed me with her in-depth insider’s knowledge of how to use workshops, seminars, boot-camps and similar events to quickly gain visibility, establish yourself as an authority in your market, attract ideal prospects, eliminate their “buying resistance” and turn them into great high-level clients.

You can try to figure out how to add events to your marketing strategy on your own. BUT it would be a huge mistake. Instead, I recommend you connect with Daphne. She’ll shave years off your learning curve and save you thousands of dollars in mistakes made trying to figure things out yourself!”

Adam Urbanski
The Millionaire Marketing Mentor

But there are also the seminar leaders who hosted their own events, and no one showed up. Or they had a full room, but barely broke even.

What is the difference?

What do the successful seminar leaders know what others don’t?

Daphne Bousquet at the 1984 Olympics

Daphne Bousquet at the 1984 Olympics

As a springboard diver for the Netherlands, I was fortunate enough to participate 3 times in the greatest event of them all, the Olympic Games, including the Olympics in Los Angeles, Seoul and Barcelona.

I experienced firsthand what it takes to put on an event that thrills its audience, and it ignited a passion in me. I dove into the event industry and now, as a 20+ year veteran, I have seen and planned thousands of events.

I have seen huge events that ended up barely breaking even and small events that were big winners. I have seen the successes and the tragic losses.

What really breaks my heart is when I see workshop and seminar leaders who have so much to share and so much to give to their clients, make critical mistakes with their events.

From marketing their seminars to monetizing them, they take the wrong approach, so they are never able to make as big of an impact as they would like. I have made it my mission to help them get their message out and save them thousands of dollars in mistakes and lost income.

“I am a confirmed fan”

Seymour Englander“I wish I had known Daphne Bousquet before I sank almost $10,000 into my first event. Now I have the tools and the knowledge to get the butts in the seats and my next workshop actually made a profit! I am a confirmed fan.”

Seymour Englander

Of course, the truth is that not everyone is ready make 6 or 7 figures with their own bootcamp. But would it make a difference in your business and your life style if you could achieve $20,000, $50,000 or more in a single weekend? I bet it would.

That is why I have created the Event C.A.S.H. Formula

The unique Event C.A.S.H formula is the solution to planning lucrative workshops and seminars, because it breaks it all down into 4 simple steps, delivered in 4 weekly, self paced modules.

Now you can unlock the secrets to a profitable workshop or seminar with the 4 Event C.A.S.H Formula steps:

Content ~ Thrill your audience and turn them into raving fans

Attendees ~ Fill your events with the exact audience that resonates with your message (and buys your products)

Streams of Seminar Income ~ Monetize your workshop or seminar in a variety of ways, so that you don’t leave any money on the table and your audience disappointed

Hotels and Other Details ~ Negotiate like a pro with your vendors and know what to look out for, so that you don’t get stuck with a huge surprise bill.

“Don’t Waste Time, Money And Effort”

Chris Makell, America's Courage to Think Bigger Coach
“What makes Daphne unique as a workshop and seminar expert is that she deeply understands the needs of the entrepreneur when planning and delivering their events. She’s also courageous in telling you what NOT to do to ensure you don’t lose your shirt!

She leverages her deep expertise as a certified meeting planner and her experience planning large and corporate events to ensure you don’t waste time, money and effort — all precious entrepreneur commodities — while achieving the result you expect.

Daphne has guided me in the planning of a successful event and I plan to work with her on my multi-day event to ensure it is a 6 figure, high quality event my customers and clients will both learn from and enjoy.”

Chris Makell ~ America’s Courage to “Think Bigger” Business Coach

This course is the solution for you if:

  • You are a seminar leader who is just not getting the results you desire from your live events. You know you can accomplish so much more and this will help you achieve it.
  • You are a coach who loves working with people one-on-one, but would like to supercharge your business while saving you hours and hours of time.
  • You are a speaker who has traveled to many stages, but is now ready for your own stage and getting people coming to see YOU.
  • You are an author or expert with a powerful message and feel it is time to get it out in a bigger way, impact more people and make more money doing it.
  • You are an online marketer with a big following, teaching people your expertise from behind your computer and want to create a deeper connection with your audience and make a lot more money doing it.

Here is just a sampling of what I will teach you in this brand new course:

event cash module1

  • How to create a strong event experience that wows your attendees, turns them into raving fans who are excited to work with you even after the event is over
  • What to include in those first, critical 15 minutes that will set the stage for the rest of the event. If you have this wrong, you will lose your audience and can kiss your back-end sales goodbye.
  • The seminar content formula that keeps your audience focused, engaged and ready to learn, so that they get the best results from your seminar and YOU get the best testimonials.
  • Exactly when and how to present your offer, so that you increase your sales, without feeling pushy or salesy.

event cash module2

  • The exact formula to get the butts in the seats of your next workshop or seminar.
  • How to fill your room with the exact audience that resonates with your message. This is the key to taking your event from average to wildly profitable.
  • Uncover the words to use to sell your workshop authentically and effortlessly.
  • How to convert “fence sitters” to actual attendees and how to get them to sign up now.
  • 15 Free and low cost ways to fill your event.

event cash module3

  • The top 10 ways to monetize your seminar that will add thousands to your bottom line and will take your event from a good payday to SUPER lucrative.
  • The revenue stream most seminar leaders overlook that keeps making money for you long after your attendees have gone home.
  • How to add more value for your attendees and make more money at the same time.
  • How to expand your message beyond the meeting rooms walls, serve more people and increase your bottom line.

event cash module4

  • Win/win negotiation strategies that will make you a winner in the eyes of the venue, give you the extra perks your event needs AND save you money.
  • 3 things to look for in an event team, so that they virtually pay for themselves.
  • The trick to keeping yourself sane and energized for the duration of your event.
  • The secret to staying on time, so you don’t feel rushed at the end and your attendees leave happy.
  • How your room set up can make or break audience interaction.

The proven strategies you will learn here will easily make you thousands of dollars your first time out.

Workshops give you a better relationship with your listAnd frankly, once you have done it once, you’ll do it over and over again with better results each time.

Would it make a difference in your business and your life style if you could make $20,000, $50,000 or more in a single weekend? Would it give you more time to spend with your loved ones? Could you (finally) spend a little more time on yourself? What would it be worth to you to have access to all these tips and strategies?

$2,500? You will easily make this in your first event, but that is not how much I’m charging for the road to Event C.A.S.H.

$1,000? Nope and I am not even charging half of that either. I know that there are seminar leaders out there that have lost their shirt and need this information, so I am keeping the price low.

For a limited time, the investment for my Event C.A.S.H. is an affordable $497

Frankly, I could probably charge that for Module 3 alone!

To make it even easier, you can break it up in to 3 payments of $167

But wait for it… (You know this was coming!)

Almost $1,000 in these important tools

  • Downloadable mp3 recordings – Download them to your iPod and you can learn on the go! ~ Valued at $197
  • Detailed action guides for each module to capture your notes and keep you engaged during the session. ~ Valued at $197
  • Seminar Content Mindmap and  Timeline Templates ~ Fill in the blanks so you can arrange and rearrange your content and outline your seminar day by day, minute by minute till it is just right. Value $197
  • Event Marketing Flowcharts, Mindmaps, Timeline – Give you a birds eye view of your marketing, so it all makes sense. Valued at $197
  • Event marketing checklist and action plan – Invaluable resources you will use over and over again. Don’t ever miss a step in your marketing plan with this bonus ~ Each Valued at $47
  • Event Checklist ~ Everything you need to plan your event, so that nothing falls through the cracks. Value $47
  • Event Specification Sheet – An essential document that will keep your team, venue, vendors and you on the same page, so your event runs smoothly and you can focus on your content. Value $47


Special Bonus
Private 15 Minute Event Strategy Breakthrough Session

Free Bonus - Hand Drawn BlueDuring your Event Strategy Breakthrough Session, we will work together to create specific, custom-tailored strategies helping you host your own lucrative workshop.

What can you expect in 15 minutes? A lot!

In 15 minutes, I have been known to tweak event marketing to add as many as 10 attendees in just 1 day where there were none before.

What can I tweak or solve for you? ~ Valued at $250

idea machine dana

Satisfaction Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge Orange

Of course this training comes with my personal satisfaction guarantee.

If at any time in the first 30 days you decide this course is not for you, I will refund you your money, no questions asked.

“Feasible And Practical”

l denise jackson testimonial“Everything in your programs is just so doable. Everything is so feasible and practical. I know my event is going to be highly lucrative after going through the Event CASH Formula! I am not overwhelmed and I can see myself speaking to a full room!”

L. Denise Jackson

Register today!

So, are your ready to share your message in a bigger way, impact more people and make more money doing it?

Yes Daphne, I am ready!

I understand I will receive:

  • Instant access to 4 weekly self paced trainings detailing the Event C.A.S.H System $1,997 Value
  • Detailed action guides for each module to capture your notes and keep you engaged $197 Value
  • Downloadable mp3 recordings $197 Value
  • Worksheets and Templates $197 Value
  • Seminar Content Mindmap and Timeline $197 Value
  • Event Marketing Flowcharts, Mindmaps and Timeline $197 Value
  • Event Specification Sheet $47 Value
  • Event Checklist $47 Value
  • Event Marketing Action Plan and Checklist Each $47 Value
  • Private 15 minute Event Strategy Breakthrough Session – $250 Value

Pay In Full $497


3 Payments of $167



Just imagine: you are rocking it on the stage of your own seminar. Your audience hangs on your every word and they are practically waiving their purses at you to enroll in your next program. You feel so blessed to be able to make such an impact with your story and your message. You are also secure in the knowledge that you have a guaranteed income for the next year, so you can run your business and your life on your terms.

All this is possible for you. Let’s get going.

To your success,

Daphne sig
PS. Of course you can try to do it on your own, but I have seen too many seminar leaders disappointed in their attendance and their income. Avoiding just 1 mistake will more than pay for the cost of the program. And we’re not even talking about all the powerful income producing strategies you will learn that will get you the results you deserve. You could literally leave thousands of dollars on the table by not taking this course. Can you afford that?

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