1 Marketing Calendar Must Have

marketing calendar

Putting together a marketing calendar is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for the new year. With less than two months till 2016, this is something you need to be working on right now. As you are putting together your goals and your marketing calendar for 2016, make sure you […]

Part 1- Event Promotions – How Every Workshop Leader Can Have Lucrative Events in 2016 Without Worrying About Empty Workshop Rooms

strategic planning

Do you want to have lucrative events in 2016 without worrying about people not showing up for your workshops? Of course you do! If you’re a workshop leader who wants to host lucrative events, then you need to read this immediately, because that is the focus of this series of articles. Every workshop leader typically […]

Make 2012 Your Own Olympic Year

Daphne at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics

2012 is an Olympic year.  It’s the year that athletes all over the world are preparing for the biggest event of their lives. This is what they have been training for.  To make it to the world’s biggest stage and compete for one of those few precious gold medals. They have been training all their […]

This New Type Of Workshop Is A Game Changer

Melanie Kissell

Every few years, there is an innovation in the event world.  I recently attended just such a game changer. My friend Melanie Kissell hosted this brand new type of workshop and changed the way I think about workshops forever. This workshop was short, yet powerful. Concise and uplifting. The best part that it is accessible […]

How to Create Virtual Workshops

Amethyst Wyldfyre

Generally we talk about live events in the face to face world in Winning Workshops: Grow Your Business With Live Events Show, but there is also a large segment of workshops and seminars that are delivered virtually. Increasingly, in the age of the internet and online communication, there are more options for delivering content, training […]

Build Your List With Teleseminars

on the phone

As I am writing this blog post series about the benefits of hosting virtual events, or in this case teleseminars, I definitely have to address list building.  In this digital age, anyone with a website should have community of subscribers, or a “list”.   And growing this list with people that are interested in you, your […]

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