Smooth Sailing? Not With This Commentary

And now for something completely different… You know I love the Olympic Games, but I was so busy with the Gold Medal Secrets from Marketing Champions that I missed this priceless piece of Olympic Sailing commentary. Thankfully, it was located and I am delighted to share this gem with you. Please watch at your own […]

Gold Medal Secret: Parade of Champions

Torch Hunt logo small

The Olympic flame symbolizes the light of spirit, knowledge and life.  The games start with the lighting of the cauldron and end when the flame is extinguished.  Well, it is almost time for the flame to be extinguished. All things must come to an end.  The Olympics are having their closing ceremony today in a […]

Gold Medal Secret: Platform Sales

Marketing Champion Kathleen Gage

As much as we love the Olympics for the competition, the drama, the excitement and the great performances, the sad part is that most Olympians never make a dime of their Olympic participation.  In fact, between the training and the traveling it costs them money. After the Olympics is over, they go back to their […]

Gold Medal Secret: Be A Business Celebrity

Marketing Champion Lucy Whittington

Every Olympics produces new stars and celebrities.  Although most people had already heard of Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps from previous Olympic Games, this year counts new celebrities like Gabby Douglas and Oscar Pistorius. Gabby Douglas is the first woman to earn a gold medal in both the team and all around gymnastics events, while […]

Gold Medal Secret: Powerful Images

The Olympic Games are full of powerful images.  Images of the champions, images of the great performances, images of the beautiful venues, images of the rings (everywhere) and of course images of people watching, cheering and celebrating. The place to organize and share your favorite images and photos is Pinterest.  Pinterest has untold boards about […]

Gold Medal Secret: Honing Your Talent

Steve Lowell

When you are watching the athletes at the Olympic Games, you may wonder if they are all blessed with supernatural talents.  And yes, some are.  In my own household growing up, my brother had the supernatural talent.  No matter what sport he tried, he would be good at it. In diving, which became our sport […]