Infographics, Pinterest and Other Useful Boards

event planning landscape

A few weeks ago, I came upon an infographic I loved. It was a cheat sheet for planning excellent events. You can see it here. As I do with all incredible infographics I discover, I immediately pinned it on my infographic board on Pinterest. It is where I collect infographics of all types and I […]

1 Marketing Calendar Must Have

marketing calendar

Putting together a marketing calendar is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for the new year. With less than two months till 2016, this is something you need to be working on right now. As you are putting together your goals and your marketing calendar for 2016, make sure you […]

#Infographic: 3 Ways To Grow Your Business With Events

3 ways to grow your business post

Workshops, seminars, learning they are everywhere. and every successful coach, consultant or guru seems to have one. And it is no wonder that they do. In fact, events are probably one of the major reasons that they are so successful. Live events are great moneymakers and can truly explode your business, if you know what […]

How To Incorporate A Halloween Theme Into Your Workshop

how to incorporate halloween into your workshop

Do you have a workshop coming up around Halloween? When you schedule your workshop, Halloween is probably not your first choice. Parents are distracted and want to be home in time to take the kids trick or treating. Of course it always depends on your audience, but Halloween does come with a lot of competition. […]

Is Your Business Ready For A Workshop? #Video

event strategy - is your business ready for a workshop?

If you are coach, consultant or service professional, you probably have seen many of your colleagues offering workshops and events. You may be wondering: “Would a workshop work for me?” It is a question I hear often, so I created some criteria to consider when you are pondering whether or not you should host a […]

Workshop Success – Workshop Success Fundamentals Every Speaker, Author, Coach And Expert Needs To Know

Workshop Success

Do you know the 3 critical workshop success fundamentals every speaker, author, coach and expert needs to host your own client attracting, money making, successful workshop? If you’re a speaker, author, coach or expert who wants to host your own client attracting, money making, successful workshop without empty workshop rooms then you need to read […]

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