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Fill Your Event Rooms
With A Crowd That Loves You

Dear Friend,

Explode your business with events

You know that adding workshops and seminars to your marketing plan is a way for you to grow your business exponentially.

They allow you to share your message with a wider audience. An audience that is there just to see you, to learn from you and have you make a huge impact in their lives and businesses.

Not only are workshops and seminars the best way to truly serve your tribe and create powerful transformations, but they are also the quickest way to a 6-figure payday.

But Only If You Can Fill Your Events...

And getting butts in the seats is where most workshop and seminar leaders struggle.

It happens more often than you think…

"Help! My Event Is A Week Away And Nobody Has Registered!"

I get quite a few of these calls and emails. Unfortunately, when the workshop is only one week away, help comes too late.

With some information and a look at their website, I can generally see immediately what the problem is.

And yes, with some last-minute efforts and suggestions they can immediately add some attendees. But the event will never be as successful as they had imagined it.

Make sure these seats are full

It just breaks my heart that I can’t help at that point. If only they had come to me sooner, when there was still time to save the workshop. Or better yet, BEFORE they started marketing the workshop.

That’s why I am so excited to bring you the all new Butts In Seats Revolution.

I want you to avoid a situation like this and give you the tools to fill your workshops and seminars.

Imagine A Sold Out Event

Imagine being a week away from your event and instead of panicking that you have no registrations, your seminar is sold out. That allows you to actually focus on the important things; creating content and an experience that your attendees will cherish forever. An experience that turns your attendees into success stories and loyal, life-long clients.

Having the knowledge, the tools and a plan for marketing and filling your workshops and seminars makes the difference between a successful event and an empty workshop room, public humiliation and in a worst case scenario, an empty bank account.

"My Next Two Workshops Were Sold Out"

"I am a confirmed fan!"

“I wish I had known Daphne Bousquet before I sank almost $10,000 into my first event. Now I have the tools and the knowledge to get the butts in the seats and my next workshop actually made a profit! I am a confirmed fan.”

Seymour Englander

"A 40% increase in attendees"

The simple to use tips and techniques Daphne gave me resulted in at least a 40% increase in attendees in my workshop! The “How to stop trading hours for dollars” workshop was more visible and awareness was greater than I could have achieved thanks to the guidance, support AND expertise that Daphne shares with her clients. Thank you, Daphne for helping to ensure the success of my workshop!

Chris Makell

I am Daphne Bousquet, the creator of the Butts In Seats System (TM) and the Event CASH Formula (TM), and I have worked with hundreds of business owners to improve their events by increasing their workshop attendance and profits.

In addition, as a 25+ year event industry veteran, I have been involved with events of all sizes; from large festivals for 100,000 people, to corporate events for 500 or workshops for 10-20, I have done it all.

I have also experienced some of the greatest events in the world. As a springboard diver for the Netherlands, I was fortunate enough to compete in three Olympic Games, including the Olympics in Los Angeles, Seoul and Barcelona. When you are involved in events like that, you get an up close dose of the fabulous pageantry of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and a peek behind the scenes that you don’t get as a spectator. You also you quickly get a sense of the differences in organizational styles and the mistakes that accompany them.

I have combined all my experiences in marketing and planning events in my

It is an in-depth online course, during which we will create your marketing message, your registration page and a marketing plan that attracts your audience to your event and converts them into attendees.

Here is what you will walk away with:

  • How to fill up your workshops and seminars with your ideal clients. And your ideal clients are those people who resonate with your message, will have the best results with your training and become your success stories.
  • How to create an event that your ideal audience can’t wait to attend and what words to use to sell your workshops authentically and effortlessly.
  • How to craft a registration page that turns visitors into attendees. You will also see a registration page marketing make over. So this will be great if you have had the problem of a workshop and your attendance was just not what you thought it should have been.
  • A strategic plan for selling out your event in advance. And what a relief that would be, right, not to have to worry until the day before how you’re going to fill up your seminar?
  • How to boost your event’s visibility and multiply your audience. After all, your potential attendees actually have to hear about your workshop or seminar before they can register.
  • Pulling it all together in a step by step marketing action plan, so that you know exactly what promotions and action steps to deploy at what times for maximum results and a full event room.

Get It Done And Fill The Seats

The Butts In Seats Revolution is designed to be hands on. You will actually create the message, the wording and the plan during the course. This is not just theory, but you will have the exercises, templates and action steps to get it done.  When you finish the course, you will be ready to start marketing your workshops and seminars because you will have your marketing plan completed and your marketing calendar filled out.

You'll know exactly what to do when.

Who Is This For?

If you have hosted an event before and were disappointed with the attendance, you will love  this course.  If you have wanted to host a workshop, but have been hesitating because you didn’t know how you were going to fill the room, this course is for you.  And if you are ready to set a date for your workshop and are willing to get going and make this a success, you definitely want to be a part of the Butts In Seats Revolution.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect in each module:

  • How to fill your room with the exact audience that resonates with your message. This is the key to more success stories, more clients and more money.
  • Who your VIPs are and exactly what they want from you
  • Where to find your VIPs
  • How to get into your VIP's head, so you can match your message to your market
  • How to know if your workshop will sell before you spend a boatload of time and money on venues, event planners and content
  • My simple formula for positioning your event, so that it becomes a must-attend event for your audience
  • How to craft a magnetic workshop title that communicates your vision and pulls your attendees to it
  • The words to use to sell your workshop authentically and effortlessly.
  • Step by step instructions for registering your attendees. Making it easy for them to sign up increases your enrollment and saves you precious time
  • The biggest registration page mistakes and how to avoid them
  • The nine elements that your registration page absolutely has to have for it to convert prospects into clients
  • How to leverage your sales conversation with your prospective attendees
  • What you absolutely have to have in place if you want attendees to sign up for your full day (or longer) workshop or seminar
  • Event filling strategies that don't just promote your events; but actually fill them
  • How to become a trusted authority and valuable resource with your audience while filling your event at the same time
  • Match the event filling strategies to your event and personality. What works for one event doesn't necessarily work for every event
  • The #1 place to start fishing for attendees and how to expand that pond into a huge lake
  • The secret to turning prospects into attendees
  • How to integrate your online and offline marketing for maximum exposure and results
  • How to boost your visibility and combine your promotions with your event filling strategies for more attendees
  • Marketing timelines for different types of events, so that you know what your promotional window is
  • How to come up with the 50 or 100 promotional "touches" (depending on your event) to reach your audience multiple times, cut through the marketing clutter and have your audience notice you and your event without being spammy.
  • A cheat sheet that shows you what promotional tactics to deploy for each event filling strategy
  • How to put it all together in your your own personal event marketing plan and calendar, so that you know exactly what to do when

Adding Just A Couple Of Attendees To Your Event Will
More Than Pay For This Program

And you won’t add just a couple of attendees!

The investment for this course, with everything you are getting is really affordable at $997 $497. When you think that your revenue per head should be around $500 or more, one extra attendee already pays for the program.

And once you have the skills to fill up your seminar room, you can do it over and over again. Compare the tuition of $497 with the stress of not filling your workshops or even worse, losing close to $10,000 in ineffective marketing and non-refundable venue fees and it becomes an investment you cannot afford to miss.

To make it even easier on you, you can take advantage of my 3 pay option. For 3 payments of just $177, you can benefit from all the training and bonuses to fill your workshop rooms authentically and effortlessly.

Pay In Full, Only $497

3 Easy Payments Of $177

"Your Butts In Seats Program Is Brilliant"

The most exciting pieces for me were the killer ideas with 1, 2, 3, instructions.  There was at least one in each session.

Some I can use right now and others I can add to a future toolkit. And I have never found them anywhere else.

If you are considering adding a line of workshops to your business, I can’t recommend this webinar series strongly enough. It was worth every penny.

Thank you, Daphne, for sharing your secrets!!!

Kate Hayward
Sticky Knowledge

"I Now Know What To Do And When To Do It"

Your course gave me a structured way for me to go about marketing my workshops. I now know what to do and when to do it and that is exactly what I needed. I can plan my marketing so much more effectively. Thanks!

Kris Cavanaugh
Shift Inc

More Than $1,000 In These Important Tools

  • Downloadable mp3 recordings – Download them to your iPod and you can learn on the go! ~ Valued at $197
  • Detailed action guides for each module to capture your notes and keep you engaged during the session. ~ Valued at $197
  • Marketing Worksheets and Templates - Structured to easily find your audience and your message. Valued at $197
  • Flowcharts, Mindmaps, Timeline - Give you a birds eye view of your marketing, so it all makes sense. Valued at $197
  • Event marketing checklist and sample action plan – Invaluable resources you will use over and over again. Don’t ever miss a step in your marketing plan with this bonus ~ Each Valued at $47
  • Event Marketing Menu - Pick your event selling strategies and pair them with your event promotion strategies for a marketing plan that is uniquely yours. ~ Valued at $47
  • Marketing Action Plan and Timelines - Your cheat sheet with detailed action steps and timelines for each event selling strategy. Say goodbye to your stress, since you'll know exactly what to do when. ~ Valued at $197
  • Event Marketing Planner 2016 and 2017 - Fill in the blank monthly calendar that shows you at a glance what to do each week and what is coming up the rest of the month, so you'll know exactly what to do and when to do it. ~ Valued at $97

Pay In Full, Only $497

3 Easy Payments Of $177

Master These Three High Performing Event Filling Strategies

Each of these strategies works great on its own.  However, if you put them together they become a powerhouse for filling the room.

These three strategies should absolutely be in your event marketing arsenal. Order the Butts In Seats Revolution now and you will receive bonus training on all three of these powerful, event filling tactics, valued at $247 each.

List Building Secrets For Workshop Leaders

Just like the money is in the list, so are your attendees. The bigger your list, the more people you can invite to your event. No list, or small list? No problem, with this bonus training you will learn how to build your list while promoting your event.

You will learn:

  • Discover how to quickly create an “ethical bribe” that has your ideal clients clamoring to fork over their email address
  • The most important part of having a list and why quantity isn’t everything
  • List building technology decoded: easy to follow instructions to generate leads on autopilot
  • Step by step guide to grow your list FAST 

Whether you are just starting out and need the how to’s of setting up your list building system or you just need a step by step guide to building your list faster, this bonus training has got you covered. – Valued at $197

Fill Your Event With Facebook

Facebook is the hottest way to fill your events right now. But many marketers are just spinning their wheels without results. I will show you how to use Facebook to fill your event in this special bonus training. You will learn:

  • How to find your fans and ideal attendees among the more than 1 billion Facebook users 
  • Create your Facebook marketing funnel for fans, leads and attendees
  • How to use Facebook events to promote your workshop
  • Facebook ninja tricks for targeting your ads and get better results for less money.

Facebook allows you to target your audience by age, by interest and by location, which is great for those introductory workshops. Through Power Editor, you can even create target markets that look like your clients or subscribers. You can even target people who have visited your website. That is powerful.

Build your audience and start filling your workshops at the same time with this powerful training. - Valued at $197

Fill Your Events With Webinars

If doing live, face to face events is the best way to convert interested parties into clients, the next best way is by doing virtual events, such as webinars and live streams. The reason that webinars are so effective to fill programs and events, is that they add so much value. In this bonus training you'll learn how to fill your events using webinars, including these ninja tricks:

  • Webinar technology demystified: The best tools to use, resources and comparisons to set up your webinars
  • What to do before, during and after your webinar to get the best results (includes checklist)
  • The secret to getting people to sign up AND show up for your webinar (and stay till the end when you talk about your event)
  • How to structure your webinar beginning to end for maximum conversions
  • Your complete marketing funnel from Facebook to webinars and your workshops – Discover how they all fit together

Of course this comes with my personal satisfaction guarantee!

If at any time in the first 30 days you decide this course is not for you, I will refund you your money, no questions asked.

"Top Notch"

Daphne, your course is top notch. I have bought TONS of marketing programs over the years and I have been very impressed with the way you have put the information together and the depth of the information. Great job and thank you so much!

Lisa Decker
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
Divorce Money Matters

Yes Daphne, I want my events filled!

Sign me up now, so that I can get all the discounts and bonuses! I understand I get the following:

Butts In Seats Revolution

Tools, worksheets, templates, etc

List Building Secrets

Fill Your Event With Facebook

Fill Your Event With Webinars








Pay In Full, Only $497

3 Easy Payments Of $177

Just imagine...

It’s the week before your big event. You are putting the final touches on your presentations and are finalizing your offer. The buzz on social media is all about your seminar. Your attendees are talking about how excited they are packing to come to your event and they are already connecting with each other.

The stage is set for a fantastic experience.

Are you ready?

Register Now!

PS. You will create your event marketing message, registration page and a marketing plan that attract your audience to your event and converts them into attendees in the Butts in Seats Revolution. Do you want a full event room? If yes, reserve your spot and learn how to get those butts in the seats!

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