Meet Daphne Bousquet

Daphne Bousquest, CMP

I work with speakers, coaches, consultants and service professionals to attract clients,  generate instant profits and add as much as 6 figures to their bottom line with their own events.

Coaches and consultants are used to working 1-on-1 with their clients, which leaves them with little time left to grow their business. As a result, they work very long hours with not enough income to show for it.

By setting up simple workshops and boot camps, they can leverage themselves by providing extra value to existing clients, adding a steady stream of new clients and adding exponential profits to their bottom line.

Although many coaches and consultants see the marketing and cash flow value of hosting their own events, many just don’t know where to start and are afraid that they will make mistakes so that no one will show up.

The most successful coaches and consultants understand that they need expert help. By working with an experienced event strategist and marketing expert, they will eliminate the costly trial and error process and have a clear plan to add the elements that will make for a successful and lucrative event.

For the last 20+ years, I have made hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars for my employers and clients through the events that I have planned.  Today I bring those strategies exclusively to coaches and consultants that want to add as much as six figures to their bottom line with their events.

I also have experienced some of the greatest events in the world. As a springboard diver for the Netherlands, I was fortunate enough to compete in 3 Olympic Games, including the Olympics in Los Angeles, Seoul and Barcelona. When you are involved in events like that, you get an up close dose of the fabulous pageantry of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and a peek behind the scenes that you don’t get as a spectator.  You also you quickly get a sense of the differences in organizational styles and the mistakes that accompany them.

Want to book me as a speaker for your audience? I’d love to share my expertise either live on stage or virtually on a webinar. Check out my topics, one-sheet with audience take-aways and contact information right here.

More personal details, please!

OK, OK, I love hanging out with my husband and my 2 great kids.

Diver Daphne Jongejans

Daphne doing a back dive

As a 3-time Olympic diver for the Netherlands, I keep working out to stay healthy and in shape. It also allows me to eat more of my favorite foods (cheese and chocolate) and enjoy another activity I enjoy, cooking. Unfortunately, the kids do not enjoy my cooking as much as I do. (Wonder why that is?)

No, I hardly ever get on a diving board anymore, mainly because there are not any around where I live and I don’t want to drive into the city just to do that.  Maybe if my kids wanted to…  The funny thing is that if I do get on a diving board, the muscle memory is there and I pick it up very quickly. But I do have to say it terrifies me.

But overcoming fear and getting out of your comfort zone is very important as an entrepreneur and if anything, diving taught me that!

I am an avid reader and continuous learner and from time to time I will recommend some books and resources that have helped me.  So stay tuned!

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