Attention Any Service Professional, Speaker, Coach Or Consultant Who Wants To Use Workshops and Seminars As A Way To Get Their Message Out…

Finally, A Formula That Will Put
The Butts In The Seats
Of Your Next Seminar Or Workshop

You have seen how powerful your message can be.  You have shared it with your clients one on one, on teleseminars and you have spoken from the stage at other people’s events and business groups.  You are so passionate about sharing your gifts and you can’t wait to have your own workshop or seminar, where you can really dig deep and make a difference in the lives of your audience.

But then you wake up in a cold sweat…

What if no one shows up?

It is a real fear. You have paid for your venue, prepared your content, and invested in hand outs and materials. If you don’t have enough people, you may very well lose your shirt.

Or have you ever had to cancel your event after you poured your heart and soul into it, just because you just didn’t have enough registrations? All that work, the time and money invested and you end up with nothing but a bruised ego, and a depleted bank account.

It happens and it happens more often than you think.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I have the formula that will put the butts in the seats of your next workshop or seminar. And I am willing to share it with you in my free eBook.

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