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Attention workshop and seminar leaders, speakers, trainers and coaches who are ready to take their own stage…

How To Make More Money In a Weekend
Than Most People Do In a Single Year:
6-Figure Seminar Secrets Revealed

Daphne Bousquet, CMP

From: Daphne Bousquet, CMP

Thursday, 8:00 am

Dear Expert, Coach and Entrepreneur,

Do you wish you could share your message, live from the stage with a wider audience?

An audience that is there just to see you, to learn from you and have you make a huge impact in their lives and businesses?

Not only are workshops and seminars a great way to truly serve your tribe and create powerful transformations, but they are also the quickest way to a 6-figure payday.

I am sure you have heard the stories of coaches and experts who had “break out years” and took “quantum leaps”.

They all did it by hosting their own live event.

Some made 6 figures, a few even earned millions of dollars with their own seminars.

And then there are the ones who hosted their own events, but no one showed up. Or they had a full room, but barely broke even.

What is the difference? What do the successful seminar leaders know what others don’t?

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What You Need To Know Now To Host Your Own Live Event
Without Losing Your Shirt Or Your Sanity

On this call, I will share with you the secrets and strategies that can turn a three day intensive boot camp into a six or sometimes even seven figure payday.

How would it change your business if you could fill a coaching program or mastermind group for an entire year by hosting one live event? Here’s what you will learn:

  • 3 Workshop and seminar myths. Busted!
  • 3 unexpected ways your seminar will benefit your business. (I bet you never saw this coming!)
  • The number 1 reason attendees will flock to your event
  • The best way to fill your events and build your list at the same time
  • How to turn your seminar from a good payday into SUPER lucrative
  • The 3 biggest budget busters and how to avoid them
  • My top advice that will keep you from losing your shirt
  • My 4 step system that breaks down event overwhelm and guides you on the path to event C.A.S.H.
  • 3 Simple steps you can take right now to get started on your own 6-figure seminar success

“A 40% increase in attendees!”

Chris Makell, Radiance MarketingThe simple to use tips and techniques Daphne gave me resulted in at least a 40% increase in attendees in my workshop! The “How to stop trading hours for dollars” workshop was more visible and awareness was greater than I could have achieved thanks to the guidance, support AND expertise that Daphne shares with her clients. Thank you, Daphne for helping to ensure the success of my workshop! Chris Makell Marketing & Business Mentor Radiance Marketing

But who are you and what qualifies you to teach this?

So glad you asked. In the past 20 years, I have generated literally hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, for my employers and clients through the events I have planned. From large festivals for 100,000 people, to corporate events for 500 or workshops for 10-20, I have done it all.

I have seen what works and what doesn’t and have implemented creative strategies that increased the attendance of my events. I have earned my Certified Meeting Professional designation, signifying the experience and performance that comes with being among the top in my industry. But speaking of being at the top, there’s more…

I also have experienced some of the greatest events in the world. As a springboard diver for the Netherlands, I was fortunate enough to compete in three Olympic Games, including the Olympics in Los Angeles, Seoul and Barcelona. When you are involved in events like that, you get an up close dose of the fabulous pageantry of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and a peek behind the scenes that you don’t get as a spectator. You also you quickly get a sense of the differences in organizational styles and the mistakes that accompany them.

What really breaks my heart is when I see workshop and seminar leaders who have so much to share and so much to give to their clients, make crucial mistakes with their events. From marketing their seminars to monetizing them, they take the wrong approach, so they are never able to make as big of an impact as they would like. I have made it my mission to help them get their message out.

Of course, the ugly truth is that not everyone is ready make 6 or 7 figures with their own bootcamp. But would it make a difference in your business and your life style if you could make $20,000, $50,000 or more in a single weekend? I bet it would. And it is possible with the strategies I reveal in my free call. Get instant access right now.

To your success,

PS. It really is possible to make more money in a single weekend than most people do in an entire year. Register for the call and I will show you how.