3 Registration Page Mistakes That Keep Your Workshop Room Empty

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Registration Page Mistakes

Does your registration page stink?


Registration page mistakes are the main reasons no one is registering for your workshops or seminars.  The purpose of your registration page is to convert your web traffic into actual attendees.  That means it has to (eeeek!) SELL. And frankly, most of the event pages I have seen, for lack of a better word, stink.

Selling is a dirty word to many seminar leaders, who just want to teach.  Get over it.  You need people in your workshop to teach. Without it, you might as well become a volunteer at the local community center. You need money in the bank in order to serve the people who need you.

You can send all the traffic in the world through social media or even pay per click advertising to your event page, but if it doesn’t do its primary job of converting visitors into attendees, you are wasting your time and money.

Here are the top 3 mistakes on your registration pages:

No Headline

The headline of your page should not be the title of your workshop or even worse, the city and the date.  You have 5-7 seconds to capture your visitors’ attention. Don’t waste it on a city and a date that people don’t care about.  Craft a benefit driven headline that captures your readers’ attention, arouses their curiosity and makes them want to read on.

Too Many Distractions

Don’t give your page visitors too many choices.  That means no side bar, opt-in form, or navigation bar.  If you give your visitors the option to do something other than register, they will.  You confuse them, and a confused mind never buys.  Give your registration page on the net the clean look of a landing page.  It will do wonders for your conversion rates.

If you use WordPress, it can be a challenge to find the right tool to create a clean looking page.  I personally like Premise.  It is a WordPress plug in, which means it works with your current theme and you don’t have to change anything.  An additional bonus is that it is created by the people at Copyblogger and they have included copywriting tutorials in with the templates.

Not Using Enough Space

The nice thing about the internet is that you can use all the space you want.  You don’t have to keep your copy to the front and back of an 8-1/2” by 11” page.  Go on; add as much copy as you need to tell your prospects about your event.  Tell them why they need to be there, how they will benefit and what they would miss out on.  Don’t skimp on this.  In this case, short is not sweet.

Your prospects have questions and it is your job to answer them before they click away and decide they don’t need to come to your event. They came to your registration page because they have a problem, one that your workshop can solve for them.  Communicate that on your registration page.

Think of your registration page as a conversation between you and someone who is interested in your workshop.  What would you tell them?  Why should they come?  What will you teach them and more importantly, how will that benefit them?

Need help writing your registration page?

Are you making any of these mistakes?  Make sure you plug the leaks in your event page and you will see your registrations increase.


If writing doesn’t come easy to you, you may need a helping hand in creating your registration page.  In that case, see if my done-for-you registration page and email writing package is for you.  Apply here for your 15-minute Event Marketing Breakthrough Session.



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Daphne Bousquet, CMP

Daphne Bousquet, CMP

For more strategies to make your workshops and seminars more profitable, you’ll want to pick up a copy of the free report "Three Simple Secrets To Making 10K In A Day With Small Workshops." Daphne Bousquet uses her 20+ years of event industry experience to create profitable event strategies and marketing for coaches, entrepreneurs, speakers and self employed professionals that want to grow their businesses with workshops and seminars. She is the creator of the Butts In Seats Virtual Boot Camp, a unique digital course that teaches you how to fill your events with your ideal audience.
Daphne Bousquet, CMP
Daphne Bousquet, CMP
Daphne Bousquet, CMP


  1. I have a hunch you’re going to grab people by the collar with this one, Daphne!

    All the mistakes you’ve mentioned here are ones I’ve encountered when checking out events registration pages.

    The mistake I see the most is “too many distractions”. And I oftentimes see the “city” in the headline. Although it’s important to know the physical location of a workshop or seminar, it’s not exactly an enticement to read on. You’re right — it’s best to zero in on benefits and pique peoples’ curiosity.

    Thanks for sharing the “Premise” plug in for creating registration pages and other kinds of landing pages. It’s one I wasn’t familiar with. And I think it’s a much better option than the popular, Optimize Press (which is theme, not a plug in), I see tons of people using.

    Thanks to you …

    When I have a need to create a registration page, I know it’s not going to stink! 🙂
    Melanie Kissell @SoloMompreneur recently posted..Neighbors Selling To Neighbors: Think That Works?

    • Daphne Bousquet, CMP says:

      I have a feeling you have seen enough effective registration pages that your registration page would never stink, Melanie. Thank for stopping by. I love Premise, because it works with my current theme, so I don’t have to change anything.

      However, I have Optimize Press as well, which I use on another site, http://webpresencesimplified.com. Optimize Press works well for a funnel, like dripping 3 videos a few days apart to launch your product. I will try that out next…

  2. Great article Melanie. I get so many announcements of workshops that I am sure never happen because of some of the points you raise. I have a piece on making sure the event runs smoothly with no nasties, for when those bums on seats ARE registered! http://www.all-about-becoming-a-life-coach.com/event-planning-management.html

    • Daphne Bousquet, CMP says:

      That was a great post, Wendy and thanks for stopping by here and commenting. I left my 2 cents on your post as well.

      It is discouraging when you see registration pages and you know no one is going to show up. Especially when you are certain the host has important information to share that could potentially be life changing. Wonder if anyone would be interested in a program that teaches how to put a good workshop registration page together?

      • Daphne and Wendy,

        You two ladies have jump-started my weekend with joy!

        So happy you’ve met one another. That’s awesome. 🙂

        Just so you know, Daphne, I shared this post with some of my LinkedIn groups and Wendy gave it a read and posted a comment in the LI thread. And now she’s here (okay, I nudged her a bit) and you’ve paid her blog a visit, as well.

        Don’t ya just love networking? 🙂
        Melanie Kissell @SoloMompreneur recently posted..Neighbors Selling To Neighbors: Think That Works?

  3. Chris says:

    This is great Daphne because we’re so caught up in “content” that we forget the front end of the process…creating an “irresistible” registration page!

    I must admit, I’ve had to return to the content with fresh eyes AFTER I’ve published and noticed how it change the number of registrations!

    Great advice…as always, my friend!
    Chris recently posted..Mining your inbox for marketing gold

    • Daphne Bousquet, CMP says:

      As a workshop leader you are always thinking about what you are teaching and how you can make it better. Unfortunately, that doesn’t get butts in the seats. A high converting registration page does, however. I guess it is a step-by-step process…

      Thanks for stopping by and kudos to you for taking your workshop on tour!


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